a tiny love letter

Dear Bourne Legacy:

I went into you expecting fast action, a fairly typical plot, and Hawkeye’s origin story. I expected to watch your Kung Fu and make snarky comments on the impossibility thereof. I even expected to begrudgingly enjoy the burgeoning love story between soldier and scientist even if it was horrifically cliche. I knew exactly who and what you were and based my Saturday enjoyment on such.

So, when our hero and heroine went through their obligatory motorcycle chase, I did not expect our female scientist, who held on for dear life while our male solider drove over 90 miles an hour towards the port, to take control of the physical action climax.


I want pictures. Because I am in love.

You see, not many action movies have the guts to do that. It was really subtle, so I’m sure it won’t even be noticed, except maybe by girls like me, you know, the girls who are paying attention to how you treat us.

You are not a perfect movie. I don’t care. In that one moment, you won my heart. Because the movie was over and the girl had finished it. As a bonus, the boy didn’t need to prove his power and virility by doing anything else overtly masculine . Like I said, the movie was over.

Today felt like a step in the right direction.

So thank you. I love you.


6 Responses to "a tiny love letter"

  • YES! This! I’m kind of in love with Aaron Cross.

    I was spoiled the effect of discovering the heroine’s great climactic moment (since I saw your Facebook post)… but I also LOVED the fact that they didn’t feel the need to drive home the hero’s power and virility at the end. We knew that already from the beginning (freaking wrestling wolves and shooting down drones with a rifle..!!), so it was so refreshing to let the costar have her use and her time to shine! And I loved the manner in which Aaron treated her: with courtesy and patience and trust, like an intelligent person (even when out of her element) and an equal instead of just a means to an end or a piece of tail.

    And also, how much more interesting was the movie because you knew Aaron Cross was a superweapon with a time limit? He wasn’t just unlimited awesome all the time – he had a weakness that you were waiting to kick in, and whether they would get far enough before he ran out of juice was a source of great tension for the film!! (Twice!!) And who was there to pick up the momentum when it did? The heroine. Thank you, again!

    1 Brittany said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:07) Reply

    • Yes. To everything you said. I’m so glad to feel ALL THE FEELINGS. >.>

      I have to admit, I felt sheepish spoiling such a big thing, but I was just so excited! Also, I’m really glad that it actually happened. I had a short period of time where I worried that I had seen it wrong. I mean, the moment is really quick! But I’m glad you being spoiled made me not wrong >.>;;;;

      2 Gwynne said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:21) Reply

      • You were not wrong! Also, she didn’t break character in doing it! I noticed that she wasn’t graceful (professional) about it, and that she almost fell off the bike herself from the impact. That felt more genuine to me than if she had looked like she suddenly knew what she was doing in this crazy assassin business.

        3 Brittany said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:25) Reply

        • So very true! I noticed that as well and I was glad for it. I felt that she was a great example of feminine strength. She was intelligent and possessed a great level of ingenuity, like when she fought back against her colleague in the lab, had great courage when she warned Aaron about the trap he was in, and managed her fear very realistically. I loved how they treated each other as partners, picking up slack when the other was too exhausted to hold them both up.

          I want more movies like these. When I write, these are the kinds of relationships I want to build. When I talk about respect between men and women, it is these moments I want to see.

          4 Gwynne said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:35) Reply

          • Yes!!!
            I want to see more like this, too. And I hope this movie does well, because I want to see these two again. (Also, how refreshing was it that they skipped the obligatory love scene?? Imagine actually building up to an actual relationship??)

            When I saw the preview for “Bourne Legacy” in the theater the first time (I think for “Spider-Man”), a couple of lines struck me with an idea, and I pulled out a piece of scrap paper to jot it down. It was along the lines of operative + scientist, based on the cliche I could see happening on screen. My note said “now swap the genders, and write that story instead.” It would still make an interesting story, but after seeing the whole movie, I feel much less injustice driving me to follow through.

            5 Brittany said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:43)

          • Yes! (I love that our conversation is full of validations >.>)

            I really liked the lack of sex. I’m okay knowing they had it later but that it wasn’t a plot device.

            I still think you should write that story. We need more of those moments too. But I get what you mean–this was good enough that I didn’t feel ire pushing at me to fix it.

            6 Gwynne said this (August 13, 2012 at 17:52)

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