Slow Monday

(My Weekly HoK Post!)

On November 1st, I entered my query for Chrysalis into a contest. Winners got manuscript requests from the agent holding the contest and everyone else got a critique explaining on why she would pass on the contestant’s project. You could even participate if you’d been rejected by her before. It took her a week to go through about 600 queries and I got my results a few days ago.

As she had already rejected me in the past, I went into it knowing it would happen again, but this time I would know why. She only gave me a couple of sentences and it was so amazingly helpful I wanted to dance at the rejection. I’ve been craving professional feedback and now I have it.

Yes, it is just one opinion, but it give me some direction for my next chunk of submissions. I also found a delightfully helpful link about writing a synopsis that I thought you ladies might find helpful for your current projects.

In other news, I hit a metaphorical Wall.

I expected a post Writing Retreat of Awesomeness exhaustion to hit me and take away my drive to write, so when it did, I already knew exactly what to do. I forced myself to write at least 750 words Monday through Thursday (Friday was a Big Holiday where I live) to keep myself in the habit, and then took the weekend off to work on other pursuits.

The other pursuits include two huge Christmas projects. One sewing and one origami. I’m very excited for both. I think they will add to my awesomeness Level. True Story.

Anyway, this means I might not make 50,000 new words this month, but I’m very sure that I will finish The Ninth Event by November 30th, and dabble in Toxic Candy during December, and enter the New Year with a new book under my belt. Whatever that means.

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