Retreating into Writing

I’ve been talking about this writing retreat for over a month now and it is finally here. This morning I flew into the dawn to spend a week pretending to be a full time writer for the purpose of finishing The Ninth Event. I’m at 77,000 words with an estimated 30,000 more to go. [1]

Then I will take an Editing Chainsaw and rid myself of roughly 30,000 words. They will be scattered throughout the book. Think of it as losing weight as opposed to amputation.[2]

To accomplish this, I will be writing 5000(ish) [3] words a day. Considering that I can write over 1000 words an hour once I gets my groove on, this number does not worry me. In fact, I’m excited and full of vim and vigor. I think it helps that my flight left at 6am and I’ve been up since 3am. Lack of sleep tends to make me a bit manic. [4]

This trip also allows me to see my friends and family and not use my Secret Identity [5] for an entire week.


[1] For you mathletes out there, that’s roughly 107,000 words.
[2] Sometimes losing weight feels like amputation. Except it’s a long, painful processes as opposed to screaming agony for a scant hour.
[3] I have a Pyschology degree. We’re used to dealing with Ish-es.
[4] I also ramble like a spaz. I do not, however, drive like one. Also, the Ford Focus just maybe my next car purchase.
[5] Note to Self: Explain Secret Identity in 500 words or less.

2 Responses to "Retreating into Writing"

  • You have officially referenced your secret identity often enough with promise to write about it later that I demand a post about it.

    I also approve of Ford Focuses.

    1 emeeks said this (October 27, 2011 at 21:46) Reply

    • I promise I will! Eventually! Maybe even soon(ish) >.>

      2 Gwynne said this (November 8, 2011 at 12:27) Reply

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