Last Week’s Alien Invasion

Last Thursday, all of San Diego county, parts of Orange County, and Mexico lost power. At the time I was under the guise of my secret identity [1] and watching one of the lawyers at my firm argue a motion. [2] It was getting intense, because my boss is really good at amping up the tension in a court room, right when everything went dark.

I was in a building with a bunch of Marines, so of course, they all pulled out their smart phones and began digging for information. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook we were able to piece together real time information about the black out. Randomly, both my sister-in-law and brother called within seconds of the outage, not because they knew it was going on, but apparently because they like me and wanted to chat. [3]

Meanwhile, court was put in recess and we were all sent home.

Getting home was a bit more difficult. While the street lights on base were working, the ones off base were not. However, being the daughter of a Marine [4] meant I was well equipped to problem solve my way back to my house with relative ease.

And once home, the Zombie Preparedness Emergency Plan [5] was put into effect even though this was clearly the start of an Alien Invasion and not the Zombie Apocalypse.  Within ten minutes, Dad had the house outfitted for the darkness and weapons staged around the house. [6] It took a couple more hours for Mom to make it safely home because the interstate had been turned into a parking lot. Because the gas was still working, I was able to light the stove with a match and make dinner.

Twitter said the power would be off for a few days. School was canceled, much to the joy of Mom, and the temperature began to drop, much to the joy of me. And since there was no reason to be awake without television or books, I went to bed at the unholy hour of 9pm.

So, when the lights came back on around midnight I thought the aliens really had invaded. Like any girl with enough zombie, alien, and supernatural experience under her belt, I picked up the weapon [7] at my bedside and was ready to give them hell. Imagine my disappointment when the light was just the result of other people’s Hard Work. [8]

And that is what happens when the lights go out at the Meeks House.


[1] Sometime I’ve really got to talk about the history of the mental illness that lets me think I’m a hero in disguise. Also, my secret identity is really cool.
[2] You have the right to remain silent. Exercise it. Seriously.
[3] Sadly, I knew the Alien Invasion was immenent and hurried them off the phone.
[4] And in his car.
[5] Two months ago we had a power outage in our town. It was smaller and much more localized but Dad thought it was best to see how prepared we were for Zombies anyway. I wish I had taken pictures of my sister putting bullets into all of the clips because she is the Good Daughter and I’m the one that just went and walked the dog.
[6] Yes, I’m one of those twenty-somethings that after graduating from college came home and lived with her parents. It has nothing to do with how expensive it is to find a one bedroom apartment in Southern California and everything to do with the type of lifestyle depicted in a Venza commercial.
[7] Books are weapons people! I had, like, four at my disposal! All hardback!
[8] The workers at the electricity provider really deserve some kudos for restoring power to more than 2 million people in less than 12 hours. Now that’s real magic and probably not aliens.

4 Responses to "Last Week’s Alien Invasion"

  • This brought to mind how woefully unprepared Kyle and I are for a power outage. We have a dinky two dollar flashlight and our cell phones (until they die) for light. Maybe I should invest in some oil lamps.

    1 emeeks said this (September 15, 2011 at 21:07) Reply

    • After the first drill, Dad went out and bought some head lasers and battery powered small lanterns. After this last one, he updated our food supply to a solid three months. So, perhaps for FHE you and Kyle can do your own Zombie Preparedness Drill and discover all the things you need and put it on a list!

      2 Gwynne said this (September 15, 2011 at 22:16) Reply

      • I always buy food in bulk, and I’ve been adding to our food storage every week since we got married, so I’m not too worried about food. I don’t have the space/funds for a full years supply yet, but we could survive a couple of months on it. Realistically, when we can afford it I should buy a generator for my fridge/freezer since a significant portion of our food storage is frozen meat. It’s all the non-food stuff that we don’t have! Lights, sleeping bags, weapons(I imagine Kyle would argue them as a necessity although they’re low on my priority list), etc.

        3 emeeks said this (September 16, 2011 at 08:38) Reply

        • How will your protect your food if you don’t have weapons to deter your neighbors, I mean, looters? >.>

          Although, in all seriousness, getting a generator is a good idea. And since you live in a place where blizzards could freeze you, perhaps space heaters and subzero stuff. Until you move to a place with different disasters anyway >.>

          4 Gwynne said this (September 16, 2011 at 22:23) Reply

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