Slightly Somber Contest Results

(Most of this is taken from my HoK post!)

Besides the obvious, rejection or even not winning, can be horrifically disappointing. What’s worse, sometimes, is to not even place or get an honorable mention. That is what I’m experiencing now that the results for the First Page Contest are up. I didn’t win, I didn’t place, I didn’t even get an honorable mention.

It kind of sits in your heart and threatens to question your drive, your belief in yourself, and overall, it threatens your resolve. Then you roll your eyes at your melodramatic histrionics and move on.

After all, they have a word for writers that don’t ever give up–Published. I totally intend to be one of them.

This is the cycle I go through every time I get a manuscript request and now it’s something I feel at the end of a contest I didn’t win, place, or get an honorable mention for. There will be other submissions, other contests, and ultimately other rejections.

One of the great things this contest did for me ’cause it’s all about me is that it forced me to read through Chrysalis again. I was able to cut 1500 words and I may be cutting more. It reminded me how much I love and believe in this book. I hope to be talking about my renewed submission fervor in the next few weeks.

Writing The Ninth Event continues to be a joyful experience. This last week I added another 6824 words to it. It continues to take shape and I’m excited to see where it goes. However, whether there will be a complete draft on September 1st, remains to be seen.

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